Trading Rebates for Forex Traders offers world traders some of the best Forex Trading Rebates in the industry.


What is a Forex Rebate Plan?

A Forex Trading Rebate Plan is an incentive program operated by a Forex Broker and an IB where a percentage of the trading cost is paid back to Forex Traders. Joining a trading rebate plan means making money from your trading volumes no matter if your trades close with a profit or a loss. These plans work as promotional tools for brokers in order to attract new customers. partner with tens of Forex Brokers to offer traders some of the best rebate deals in the industry.


Forex Trading Rebate Plans (Alphabetical Order)


Key Features of Rebate Plans plans are 100% free to join and have no implications in any of your trading terms. Let’s see some features of our Forex Rebate Plans:

  1. Paid Daily or Monthly
  2. No charges now or ever (100% free of any fees)
  3. No Time-Limits
  4. Only a positive effect on your trading terms (commissions, spreads, etc.)
  5. No implications of any kind (receive a bonus, join trading contests, etc.)
  6. Trade any market (Forex, CFDs, Futures)
  7. No US traders (brokers will not allow them)


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Trading Rebates for Forex Traders and Currency Investors

Trading Currencies

Success in Currency Trading comes when experience meets perfect information...

Trading the Forex Market

Focus constantly on improving your trading process and money will flow naturally:

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Trading Rebates

Joining a trading rebate plan means making money from your trading volumes...

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Foreign Exchange

The Foreign Exchange Market is the largest Financial Market in the world with daily volumes of more than 4 trillion USD. When trading Forex you need a reliable and high-regulated Forex broker and a trading strategy that works:

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Global Markets

Trading the Financial Markets requires a perfect understanding of how demand and supply shift from time to time. Equities tend to follow bullish cycles lasting 7-9 years, and after, bearish cycles lasting 3-4 years. Energies tend to follow annual time patterns while Precious Metals tend to follow longer time cycles:

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If you are a trader, learning is a non-stop process. CarryTrader offers a wide variety of educational resources including trade tools, techniques, and strategies:

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